Let Your Landscape Depict Your Personality

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All You Need To Know About Buffalo Turf

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Your landscape is a vital aspect of your property. Ideally, a well-kept lawn helps improve the property’s value. Most property owners are often conflicted about the type of grass to plant on their landscape. Buffalo turf is preferable for most homeowners since it is readily available and low maintenance. Below are several tips to help you install buffalo turf on your lawn.   Assess The Area’s Climate  Start by assessing your area’s climate to establish whether buffalo turf is the right match. Read More»

What Are Some of Your Lawn Mower Options if You Have a Small Yard?

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Even if you have a small yard, you still have to worry about lawn maintenance. This includes cutting the grass. If you are interested in cutting your own grass instead of hiring someone for the job, then you’re going to need to purchase a lawn mower, if you don’t already have one. If it’s your first time buying a lawn mower, you could be wondering if there is any specific advice that you should follow as someone who doesn’t have a large property to take care of. Read More»

Supplies You Need for Creating a Rock Garden

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When you want to change the way your garden looks and take a creative approach, a rock garden is your best bet. As the name suggests, it involves creating a small garden outside your property that features rocks. Rocks aren’t all you need, though. You’ll also be adding plants, and maybe even ornaments if you’re so inclined. Before you start delving into designs, it’s worth learning more about what landscape supplies make a rock garden achievable. Read More»