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All You Need To Know About Buffalo Turf

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Your landscape is a vital aspect of your property. Ideally, a well-kept lawn helps improve the property's value. Most property owners are often conflicted about the type of grass to plant on their landscape. Buffalo turf is preferable for most homeowners since it is readily available and low maintenance. Below are several tips to help you install buffalo turf on your lawn.  

Assess The Area's Climate 

Start by assessing your area's climate to establish whether buffalo turf is the right match. Buffalo grass is a warm-season grass with drought-resistance qualities. However, it is not to say that the grass will not do well if your area experiences winter spells for several months every year. New buffalo grass varieties retain their lush green colour during cold months. Therefore, you do not have to worry about a brown lawn during the cold months. The best approach would be to consult your landscaper to know which buffalo grass varieties perform well in your area. 

Natural Versus Artificial Grass

Conduct thorough assessments to determine whether you will plant artificial or natural turf. Natural grass is preferred due to its appeal. Although natural grass is cheap, it is labour-intensive and requires a lot of care. For instance, you need to conduct a soil test to establish whether the soil requires some neutralisation to reduce its acidity or alkalinity. Then, till the surface and remove any weeds, rocks or grass. If possible, use natural fertiliser to provide the grass with the much-needed nutrients. You also need to water the grass to promote fast growth. 

When planting natural buffalo turf, you must decide whether to plant seed or sod. Although seeds are more challenging to grow, they ensure an even lawn since you can replant the seeds in areas with patches. On the other hand, sod suits homeowners who want a lawn quickly. For example, you could intend to sell the property in a few weeks. You must always inspect the sod before planting. For instance, it could have uneven growth if it has pests or is unsuitable for your climate. 

Artificial grass suits homeowners who want their laws looking lush within a few days. The primary benefit of artificial grass is that it requires minimal maintenance. However, you must conduct due diligence to ensure the grass you purchase suits your landscaping needs. For example, check the size of the leaf blades, texture and colour of the grass. Moreover, ensure the grass has a manufacturer guarantee.