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Supplies You Need for Creating a Rock Garden

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When you want to change the way your garden looks and take a creative approach, a rock garden is your best bet. As the name suggests, it involves creating a small garden outside your property that features rocks. Rocks aren't all you need, though. You'll also be adding plants, and maybe even ornaments if you're so inclined. Before you start delving into designs, it's worth learning more about what landscape supplies make a rock garden achievable.

Soil fit for Growing

As well as rocks and pebbles, your rock garden will require good quality topsoil. The topsoil should encourage your plants to thrive and enrich them with water and nutrients. Fortunately, rock gardens don't command soil that's overly rich. When it comes to fertilising, you'll need to focus on small amounts of manure or other forms of organic matter.

Decorative Rocks

Decorative rocks will form a big part of your rock garden's design. Before you know what type of rocks you'll need, you'll have to decide on a theme. But for now, focus on finding somewhere to purchase landscape supplies in bulk. Buying your rocks in bulk helps you save money. To make sure you protect your back while you're moving the rocks from place to place, invest in a wheelbarrow too.

Mulch for Weed Prevention

It would be a shame to create a glorious-looking rock garden and then see weeds infiltrate it. While you may not be able to prevent their arrival altogether, you can significantly reduce the chances of them appearing. One way to do so is by using mulch. Mulch serves a couple of purposes. First, it helps to lock moisture into the soil and encourages nutrients to spread to the plants it surrounds. Second, it suppresses weed growth, so you won't spend too much time trying to battle them away from your rock garden. 

Plants for Your Climate

If you want a rock garden that's low maintenance, then focus on plants that will thrive in your climate. Or, you can make them the mainstay of your garden and choose a few that require more attention. By avoiding the use of too many plants that have complex needs, you make it easier to maintain your rock garden. As time goes on, you may be able to progress to bigger challenges. If you want your rock garden to stay the same year upon year, try focusing on perennial plants that will continue to make an appearance.

For more information on the landscape supplies needed for your rock garden, contact a professional.