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Recommendations for Improving Your Yard Lawn and Garden Soil

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After a heavy season of growth from your yard's landscaping plants and vegetable gardens, your yard's soil and turf may be in need of some special care to prepare it for the upcoming winter. It is important that you take care of your yard each year to keep it in optimal health and to get the most from your landscaping efforts. Here are some recommendations to help you make some great improvements to your yard's landscaping this autumn.

Install New Lawn

Whether you never got around to installing a professional lawn and relied on grass seedlings sprouting in your yard, or if your turf was installed years ago, and without the proper care, it has turned into a thin and ugly lawn, you can upgrade your yard with a new lawn. And autumn is a great time to install a new lawn with sod turf rolls because the cooler temperatures promote mild weather in which your new sod has a chance to take root within the soil without the sun's rays harming its growth.

Be sure you clear out the soil of any current growth of weeds, spotty lawn growth, rocks and other debris, as it will get in the way of installing a smooth and flat lawn. You can also use the preparation time to improve the soil with fertilizers and soil compost amendments. By adding mixtures into the soil, you can till it down into the first few inches of your soil, smooth it out and have it all ready for your new lawn installation. 

Contact a local landscape supplier for ordering the right sod turf for your property, whether it is sunny, shady, or a mix of both and it will receive heavy or light traffic. You can choose from varieties, such as wintergreen couch, Kikuyu, and sapphire buffalo.

Apply Soil Improvements 

If your yard already has an established lawn, you can add amendments to the lawn and surrounding garden areas to improve the soil for the type of growth it is supporting. A good type of landscape soil with compost combined will improve the soil and get it ready for new growth the following spring. A mulch covering made of wood chips is optimal because it promotes ground covering to reduce erosion and moisture evaporation from the soil, but it also adds nutrients back to your garden soil as the wood chips decompose.

Your local landscape supplier can help you calculate how much you need for your garden space, and can help you with delivery and even dispersing the compost or mulch around your garden soils.

For more information about soil supplies, contact a local landscaping company.