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Residential Landscaping: Choosing a Growth Medium for Hydromulching

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If you are planning on growing grass on your residential landscape, you should consider the benefits of hydromulching. This seeding approach involves spraying a combination of grass seeds combined with a suitable growth medium. This process is economical and efficient for distributing seeds over large spaces. Moreover, hydromulching promotes erosion control, weed prevention and healthy turf. However, you should note that the quality of the growth medium will influence the landscaping outcome. Here are some fundamental guidelines for choosing a growth medium.

Evaluate Usage Conditions

When purchasing a growth medium for your turf, you should evaluate the landscape on your residential property. Make sure that the product will be compatible with the usage condition. This consideration is of importance when dealing with hostile growth environments. In simple terms, if you are distributing the hydromulching slurry on a flat surface, you can use growth media with seeds, water and some fibres.

However, when dealing with sloped and steep spaces or areas with plenty of wind, you must choose a media with strong bonding capability. For instance, some growth mediums use special micro-pore particles to minimise sheet flow. You will also find quality products with tackifier adhesives to promote bonding and stability when the hydro-mulch is applied to unfavourable environments.

Check Nutritional Composition

You should inquire about the nutritional composition of the growth medium before purchase. The material should match the needs of your residential landscape. This factor is important, especially when dealing with land with a poor structure. For instance, if your space is barren and you have had difficulties with planting grass in the past, the problem could be an intrinsic bad condition.

In an ideal situation, you should commission soil testing before planning for media purchase and hydromulching. The testing process will identify deficiencies in the soil, and you can make up for the issues by choosing a more compatible medium. However, if your land is in a poor state, you will need to amend and prepare the soil extensively or even replace the topsoil, even with a rich growth medium.

Think About Medium Safety

Finally, you should evaluate the safety of the preferred growth medium before selection. The chosen material must not harm the landscape. Where possible, you should choose a product with completely natural ingredients. However, this option might not be possible because stabilising compounds are essential for a reliable hydromulching slurry. Still, you must ensure that the matrix is non-toxic. Moreover, the products are biodegradable so that residues will not remain as the grass grows.

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