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Top Tips When Choosing A Hedge Trimmer

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Hedge trimmers are the perfect equipment for landscapers and DIY enthusiasts who want to trim hedges and trees on their property. Below is a guide to help you purchase the perfect hedge trimmer. 

Manufacturing Company

It is a vital consideration when buying the equipment. Check internet reviews and seek testimonials from landscaping enthusiasts to identify companies that manufacture durable machines. Inquire about the longevity of the hedge trimmer, any problems it might develop, the availability of spare parts and preventive maintenance procedures. Avoid trimmers that develop multiple issues after a few months of use, regardless of how cheap they may be. Go for companies that give warranties and guarantees on their products. 

Features of The Hedge Trimmer

Some vital features to look out for include the following.

1. Power Source

Hedge trimmers could be powered by electricity, battery or petrol. Electric hedge trimmers are connected to a power source. As such, they are a perfect choice if your hedges are close to your home. Battery-powered hedge trimmers have a rechargeable lithium battery. Unlike electric models, they can be used anywhere. However, you should check the battery life of the hedge trimmer. Petrol hedge trimmers have a petrol-powered engine. They are typically more powerful compared to other models.

2. Weight and Noise Levels

Weight is an essential consideration if you cannot lift heavy objects. Electric and battery-powered hedge trimmers are lighter than petrol models. The things that contribute to the petrol hedge trimmer's weight are the engine and the petrol. Unlike battery-powered and electric hedge trimmers, petrol models are noisy. 

3. Type of Blade

The length of the blade determines the height of the bushes you can trim. Widely spaced teeth will allow you to cut thick branches. Double-sided hedge trimmers are a bit harder to work with. However, they are faster compared to single-sided trimmers. Some blades have a protector that prevents the teeth from sustaining damage if the trimmer knocks a hard surface such as a wall or branch.

4. Safety Features

Safety switches will prevent you from accidentally starting the trimmer. Typically, you will need to turn two or three switches to start the hedge trimmer. Some models will shut down once you release the trigger. 

Buying Tips

Buy the hedge trimmer from an accredited dealer in your area. Take advantage of coupons and seasonal discounts when buying online. Remember to examine the seller's terms. For example, do they provide free shipping? What is the seller's return policy? The seller should provide a manufacturer warranty. 

When buying a hedge trimmer, consider reputable companies, examine the features of the equipment and observe the recommended buying tips. 

To learn more, contact a resource that supplies hedge trimmers.