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Benefits Of Travertine Stone Pavers

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One element that has a significant impact on your outdoor entertainment areas, aesthetically and functionally, is the flooring. One possibility for your patio, path and pool areas is to cover them in beautiful travertine pavers. Here are several advantages of this timeless material.

Attractive Colour Palette

Travertine stone comes in a range of attractive muted colours, such as ivory, walnut, pink, peach, sand and grey. Each paver will display varying tones and patterns, with subtle combinations of different hues. Some rock pieces are more variable, while others are more uniform. Thus, you'll have plenty of options to create a gorgeous outdoor area. Because these subtle patterns add depth and dimension to the flooring, your patio or path won't look flat and lifeless. Remember to check your stone in person if you can, as each piece varies depending on its origin and specific mineral content. Travertine pavers will display their beautiful muted tones even after years being exposed to rain, hail and sunshine — you won't have to worry about fading.

Diverse Shapes And Patterns

Rock chunks can be carved into a variety of shapes and sizes: pavers come in square, rectangular, rounded or other forms. Plus, you'll then have the choice of how to combine them. Ashlar patterns use variously sized square and rectangle pavers, for instance. Other options include running bond, herringbone and basketweave. Because pavers consist of individual units, you can combine them in virtually any way you wish, altering the shades in different areas or changing their size or shape. For example, while a patio area may display a herringbone pattern in predominantly tan pavers, you could lay pavers with mainly blue tones for the edging. 

Suits Different Areas

With natural travertine pavers, you have an incredibly versatile design component in your hands. They suit patios, pool surrounds, pathways, retaining walls, edging and a wide range of other projects. As you have such a diverse range to select from, you can custom design the entire landscape. You could use similar pavers and patterns for a patio and pool space, and then vary the pattern for the paths to prevent a monotonous feel. 


Travertine is incredibly durable. It has, after all, already existed for thousands of years within the earth and on ancient buildings. As all natural stone varieties are somewhat porous, make sure to follow the manufacturer's maintenance instructions to keep your stunning paving in prime condition, sealing when needed.

For more information, contact a travertine stone supplier.