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Are You Planing a New Lawn for Your Home?

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For any homeowner, creating a lawn is a great way to enjoy your outdoor space. A lawn not only looks attractive but lets you relax outside and provides an area for children and pets to play. Deciding to install a lawn is often an easy choice but deciding what type of lawn you should lay is not always so easy. Each grass variety will have specific characteristics that make it a good fit for a particular environment. Unless you are a lawn expert, it can sometimes be difficult to know which type of grass you should choose for your new lawn. One of the most popular types of grass in Australia is broadleaf carpet grass. Here are three reasons you should talk to your broadleaf carpet grass supplier.

Suitable for many soil types

Soil type is often one of the biggest restrictions when it comes to choosing what type of grass you need. When you buy your grass from a broadleaf carpet grass supplier, you can be confident that your lawn will thrive in soils as varied as clay to mildly sandy, although it is ideally suited to tropical and subtropical areas. It is only waterlogged ground that will pose serious problems for broadleaf grass since this can drown the root system and kill the grass.

Suitable for both shade and sun

Some gardens are quiet shady locations while others are exposed to brilliant sunlight throughout the day. In many cases, the amount of light to which the lawn is exposed will vary throughout the day and this can sometimes raise questions when thinking about what type of grass you might need. While your broadleaf carpet grass supplier will tell you that it grows best in bright and sunny conditions, it can also survive in conditions of up to 70% shade. If the conditions prevailing on your lawn are especially sunny then your broadleaf carpet grass supplier could help you pick out a grass variety that has a lower level of thatching and copes best with drought-like conditions.

An economical choice

With the uniquely curled leaves, broadleaf grass is instantly recognisable and the low cost of installation makes it a popular choice for many homeowners. A further advantage is that broadleaf grass has low maintenance requirements that will look great with very little effort on your part. Talk to your nearest broadleaf carpet grass supplier to find out more about the advantages it offers for your lawn.