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Decorative Stones You Can Consider for Your Landscaping Project

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Designing a perfect hardscape and landscape for your commercial or residential property is one of the most challenging tasks you can undertake. However, the results are rewarding, and that's the reason you shouldn't shy away from it. The market today offers a wide range of landscape supplies you can use to design an attractive outdoor space, and provided you know their practical and aesthetic functions, you should get quality results.

One of the options you can consider to improve greenery beauty and outdoor space architecture is decorative stones. These stones are suitable for walkways, patio surfaces, textured accents and planting beds. The key to getting quality and long-lasting results is to pick the right decorative stone for your application. The following details will help you make smart choices while shopping.


For centuries, most urban landscapers have used sandstone to decorate the outdoor space. Sandstone can maintain its strength and remain unweathered regardless of the elements it's exposed to. The decorative stone is also soft, making it easier to cut it into various shapes and sizes as desired. People also like sandstone because it comes in multiple colours and it's easier to maintain it compared to other kinds of decorative stones. Sandstone is suitable for stairways.


Another stone you can pick to decorate your landscape is limestone. This is a sedimentary rock that's made of corals and shells, elements that give it an outstanding and rustic look. The stone is famous for its earthly appearance and its ability to offer softness to the area once it's installed. And while its colour image is limited, you can be sure it will provide a soothing appearance, particularly when installed on walkways and patios. All you have to do is get the stone sanded to attain the smoothness you desire.


Wondering which stone is suitable for your front yard or backyard flower bed? Well, aggregates are outstanding accent stones that can decorate the flower beds. They come in different sizes and will give your landscape some texture and personality. Aggregates also make it easier to control moisture in the flower bed by promoting water drainage.


Another hardscaping stone you can consider for your outdoor design is slate. Slate comes in many textures and colours, a trait that gives users lots of options to create unique looks on their properties. However, it's essential to note that this stone is a bit costly and prone to water damage. Therefore, do not buy it if you get lots of precipitation in your area.

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