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Why Coronavirus Provides The Perfect Opportunity To Overhaul Your Garden

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With so many businesses and places to relax closing down and many people being forced to work from home, it can sometimes feel like there is no escape and that you are trapped inside. If you work from home, this is doubly the case because now your primary place of decompression from work is tainted by the very thing you want to escape. Luckily, there is still a place you can find solace in, and it is right outside: your garden. Why not put this time to good use? Get some landscape supplies and start that project you always wanted to complete but never had the time.

Most Landscape Stores Still Open

Many home and hardware stores that offer landscape supplies are still open across Australia, from the small mom-and-pop shops to the large chains. This means that if you do start a project, you will not be stranded without a vital piece of equipment even during coronavirus. The best part is that landscape supplies can be delivered right to your door, with businesses increasingly looking to offer delivery at cheaper rates. This encourages social distancing but also makes life a little bit easier. Next time you're bored or stuck for ideas, just peruse your local hardware store — it won't be long before inspiration strikes you again.

Being Outside Is Very Important To Mental Health

Gardening is not just important for your plants and the aesthetic look of your home (although it is definitely good for both of those things!) but also for your mental sanity. Vitamin D is an important component in maintaining a healthy mental frame, and being cooped up all day is not good for anyone's psyche. The problem is that it is just so easy to forget to go outside, and one day inside can quickly turn into a week or more before you realise it. Having a project to work on and creating goals to meet in your garden is a great way to force yourself to be proactive about your mental health during coronavirus.

Restrictions Might Ease But Coronavirus Will Be With Us For Months To Come

While it may seem that the worst of it is over when it comes to coronavirus (and hopefully that is true!) the important thing to realise is that the easing of restrictions does not signal an end to social distancing. It will still be many months before pubs, clubs, shopping centres and entertainment complexes return to normal, and most likely, this will take at least until a vaccine is widely distributed. In the meantime, this isolation provides the perfect opportunity to start and finish a large project outside. Create the bordered sections you always wanted, start a vegetable patch, add in a pathway, install sprinkler systems or a retaining wall, or do whatever your landscape supplies will let you do, but do something! Don't let this time go to waste.