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Benefits Of Natural Stone Pavers In A Backyard

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You may have a sizeable luscious garden and a great outdoors area, but if you don't use the space or wander around to admire the view, it can go to waste. Hardscape features using natural stone pavers can improve your yard, so you get the most out of it. Here are some benefits in more detail.

Decorative Options

These pavers incorporate beautiful textures and colours into the garden. Natural stone is available in various species, such as slate, granite, travertine and sandstone. Each of these offers a range of shades including blues, greys, pinks, tans and yellows. When you combine all the varieties, you'll have a virtually endless choice to install whatever pavement you like.

Safe And Clean

Natural stone patios and pool areas create hard non-slip surfaces that increase safety. You could install natural cleft slate pavers which have a particularly textured surface that limits slipping. You can also apply sealers that increase traction. Walking along paver footpaths is more secure than walking across muddy, slippery rain-filled lawn or soil. A stable pathway will also prevent you from tracking mud and debris inside, causing extra cleaning work. 

Create Usable Areas

With the help of stone paving, you can increase the functionality of your garden. You could, for instance, build a pathway to a meditation garden area on which you could place comfortable seating or a table and chairs. Alternatively, why not construct a meandering path, along which you and others can wander and appreciate previously largely unseen areas of the garden? A stable natural stone path can also improve access to sheds and garages, making it easier to push lawn mowers or prams. 

Unify Your Home And Landscape

Natural stone paving can bridge the gap between your home's architecture and the natural landscape. Their hard surfaces echo the cladding on the house, while their natural hues and textures are straight from nature. You can pick up the tones in the buildings and landscape, and select pavers to harmonise the whole. You could combine paver hues, such as blue and tan, for example, to blend with various elements in the architecture and foliage. You don't need to stick with the one colour across all paving either. Changing it up in different areas, such as the driveway and pool area, adds appeal while bringing everything together. Just remember the repeat-and-vary principle — continuing one thing while altering another to achieve visual interest and unity.

For more information on pavers, reach out to a landscaping contractor in your area.