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3 Water Fountains That Could Change Your Backyard into an Outdoor Oasis

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A properly landscaped yard is the best place you could find whenever you want to enjoy beautiful nature or even relax outdoors. However, it takes time and an excellent plan to have an exceptionally landscaped garden. You aren't only restricted to plants when turning your garden into a spectacular landscape; you could also use fountains to make it a rejuvenating outdoor oasis. Fountains produce sounds that attract birds, create a soothing effect and improve the garden atmosphere. Here are three fountains that make your garden or yard a great outdoor oasis:

Wall-Mounted Fountains

Mounted fountains create a relaxation sense, and they look great when installed in a small patio. These fountains don't consume space, and you could customise them to ensure they fit properly on the wall. They are cheap to install because they don't require a water basin or even a pump during installation. If you don't want the mounted type, you could go for the freestanding option, whether modern or Asian, but you aren't restricted from having the antique type. If you contact or hire a landscaping expert to mount the water feature on the wall, it will have a cohesive or natural look.

Disappearing or Pondless Fountains

Here, you install the water reservoir underground. The pondless fountain could even look great if you could position it near the pathways or patio and see the exceptional beauty and kerb appeal it would create around that area. If you don't want to install the granite column or millstone fountains, you could go for the natural waterfalls or ceramic urns. You can install these fountains anywhere, and they are suitable for people with patios or even backyards with limited space.

Algae hardly grow in the pondless features, and the debris doesn't get into the reservoir. Unlike the traditional features, these water features are easy to maintain, and they help conserve water since the reservoir is underground or beneath the ground, minimising evaporation in a big way. For people with children, these water features are the safest because they aren't associated with drowning risks—the pond, reservoir or basin isn't open.

Japanese Water Features

Most Japanese install a water feature or fountain at the entrance of their home or worship places, which they mainly use for spiritual or even physical cleansing. They don't focus more on the basin when installing it but on the water. You could use a bamboo sprout to create one in your landscape and enjoy seeing water trickling through the jagged edges to the stone basin. If you have some evergreen plants or ferns or even rocks around the Japanese fountain, it would go beyond decor and help create irresistible harmony with nature. If you aren't able to get a bamboo sprout to create this fountain, make a gravel bed and install the fountain on it and then get some flat rocks or stones and place them around it.

Talk with a professional who provides landscaping services for more ideas.