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How to Prepare and Install a New Lawn

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If you inherited a jungle when you bought a new property for development, you will need to put a lot of hard work in to transform the space into a nice garden. Once you've developed the building and converted it into a liveable home, you will need to get rid of the existing mess and lay some new turf as soon as possible. How should you approach this task for best effect?


To begin with, determine what type of soil you have underneath your feet. This will tell you how much work you need to do before you order the turf itself. To begin with, you should dig down so that you have a level area that is about 15 cm below the level of any surrounding path or driveway. If the soil beneath is very compact, then you will need to get some organic topsoil and lay that down before you can bring in any turf. Some properties will have a very hard clay base underneath, and you may need to break this up using a cultivator or similar machine before blending some sandy soil into the mix.

Just in Time

When you buy your turf from a good source, it will be delivered with a good base of organic soil attached. This is an ideal situation, as the grass will continue to grow for a short period of time while it is in this state and has been recently watered. Make sure that this grass is harvested on the same day as it is delivered to you, and then do everything that you can to install it as soon as possible.


When you set the turf down, start from the outside and work towards the centre. You need to be very careful to ensure that the individual sods do not overlap and that you avoid any gaps in between. Imagine that you are laying tiles on the floor of your kitchen, and you won't go far wrong.


Once you have laid down the turf, you will need to water it as soon as possible. This will help you avoid any yellowing which may occur if there is a significant gap in between harvesting and introduction. Make sure that you water the turf on the following morning as well, especially if the conditions are dry.

Placing Your Order

Make sure that you coordinate your work with your turf delivery experts. They will not only provide you with the highest-quality product in perfect condition, but they will make sure that it is delivered in accordance with your schedule.