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3 Critical Things You Can Do to Grow Healthier Buffalo Turf

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Buffalo turf is one of the most popular grass types used to decorate lawns across the country. Countless benefits make this grass type the best. Buffalo turf can handle the worst drought, tolerate shade, and resist pests better than other varieties. However, you can only gain the best benefits from this lawn grass variety when you take excellent care of it. Here are three essential things you should consider doing to enjoy having a beautiful and green buffalo turf lawn.

Mowing and Watering

Most landscaping or lawn care experts recommend that you should wait for two weeks to mow your buffalo turf lawn after the initial installation. The first mowing should be a simple trim, and you should do it without scalping the new lawn. Scalping is cutting the turf so low that you expose the grass stems. It can damage the grass shoots, leading to premature drying or rotting. Choose a mowing height that will not damage the stem, and if you are unsure, hire a lawn care expert to mow the buffalo turf for you.

Also, you should water your buffalo lawn once every two weeks. Watering at the recommended intervals encourages your grass to have a deep root system to ensure the turf lasts for decades. On the other hand, frequent watering leads to a shallow root system, which is not ideal for your lawn.

Applying Wetting Agents

Wetting agent application is a lawn care tip you should embrace if you want your lawn to bloom within a short period. Here, you use a chemical substance, which helps improve the rate at which water gets absorbed and flows in the soil. Some parts of the country have soil types containing particular waxy chemicals that inhibit the water flow. A lawn care expert can help you choose and apply the best wetting agent for your needs. 

Feeding Nutrient Supplements to the Lawn

The lawn might also need nutrient supplements to add to what you already have. Some of the supplements that your lawn needs to develop and look healthier and more beautiful include iron. It would be wise to consider de-thatching the lawn regularly. You can leave the dried part of the grass behind and let your grass benefit from the nutrients. 

Have a professional guide you through the process of installing and caring for your buffalo turf. Choose a professional who has handled buffalo turf lawns for a while because they know what's needed to grow and maintain a beautiful and luxuriant lawn on your property.