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Questions to Ask When Buying a New Lawnmower

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There are many things to consider before you purchase a new lawnmower. Answer the following questions so you make the right choice.

How Big Is Your Lawn?

Not all mowers are well suited to every lawn size. For small lawns, hand mowers that you push about are the best choice because there won't be sufficient room to turn a riding mower. Even a medium lawn may not be suitable for riding mowers, especially if the lawn has an odd shape and tight corners. The other consideration is the mowing deck size, which is what indicates the mowing area of the blade. A larger deck will make shorter work of mowing a lawn, while a smaller deck is only suited to smaller lawns unless you want to be pushing the lawnmower around all day.

Do You Prefer Quiet or Speed?

If you consider weekly lawn maintenance a meditative experience, then a lawnmower that runs quietly is ideal. Non-motorized push mowers, with or without grass collection bags, are as quiet of an experience as you can wish for. Nearly as quiet but with a bit of power to make the job easier are electric lawnmowers. While a push mower is suitable only for small lawns, electric mowers work well on both large and medium lawns. If speed is the goal, though, then you will need more horsepower, which is best achieved with a petrol mower.

Is There a Fuel Preference?

Fuel options are electric or petrol, with electric also coming with the option of corded or cordless. Corded models provide a bit more power, but range is limited by the length of the cord and the location of the power source. Cordless models are operated off of rechargeable batteries and are a bit less powerful than corded models. Range is limited by the size of the battery. Petrol mowers have unlimited range as long as you can refill the tank. They also provide the most powerful option, as you can opt for a 2 or 4 horsepower engine.

Are There Hills or Tight Turns?

The size of the lawn is one thing to consider before choosing between a hand mower or a riding model, but the layout of the land must also be considered. Steep hills are harder to mow with a push or electric mower. Petrol mowers are self-driven and a bit easier to use on a slope, but riding mowers are by far the option that requires the least effort. On the other hand, tight turns can be more difficult for a riding mower, so a hand mower is the better options if your lawn requires a lot of tight turns.

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